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It started with a formula created by SuperNutrition. One based on the latest science, one that was balanced and effective, one that reflected the high potency theories of Linus Pauling and the cellular nutrition theories of Richard Passwater. That formula was the beginning of a company called SuperNutrition, a company whose mission is to make the world a better place through better nutrition. In a word, a company committed to formulations based on scientifically proven potencies.

Making The World A Better Place Through Better Nutrition Is More Than A Slogan, It’s A Mission.

Through better nutrition the children of the world can better experience optimal health and more certainly grow into healthy young adults, while adults can enjoy the comfort and peace-of-mind of physical well-being. Through better nutrition we free ourselves from the debilitating shackles of malnourishment, we feel better, we feel happier, we're kinder and gentler-and that makes the world a better place. That's a calling for a company, for a people, for a business —called SuperNutrition. To help the world be a little smarter, a little healthier. To build a world concerned not about survival but joyfully thriving. To help build a world of smarter, healthier, happier people. This is what we do, and this is why we do it.

We are inspired by those who paved the way

"It was pleasing to learn that SuperNutrition named their company in the spirit of my book, "Super-Nutrition Megavitamin Revolution" because we share the same messages and goals. SuperNutrition has continued to advance superior science-based nutrition through all these years, as well as championing a little recognized nutritional hero, niacin, in their multivitamin formulas. A task well done, SuperNutrition!"

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