Fact vs Fiction

  1. Fact Vs Fiction, 3 pages: Copper Sulfate - Is it poison?
  2. Fact Vs Fiction, 14 pages: The Truth About Calcium - Comparison of calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, & "food-grown-type" calcium.- Calcium carbonate wins. It absorbs equally to calcium citrate or "food-grown-type" calcium, builds bone in conclusive studies with senior women and babies, requires far less tablets and costs less.
  3. Fact Vs Fiction, 2 pages: The Truth About Saw Palmetto - Is it alright for a daily supplement?
  4. Fact Vs Fiction, 17 pages: Food-Grown-Type Nutrients Versus USP-Type Nutrients - Critical expose of the myths surrounding "food-grown-type" vitamins showing the clear superiority of pure USP-type, isolated vitamins and minerals.
  5. Fact Vs Fiction, 8 pages: Vitamin and Mineral Doses - Safety, effectiveness and what doses are optimal, with a safety table derived from The National Academy of Sciences database.
  6. Fact Vs Fiction, 19 pages: Vitamin A and Beta Carotene. You need to take real retinol vitamin A if you want to have healthy vision, healthy lungs, immune strength and strong bones. Beta carotene won't do the job, because it doesn't convert into real retinol vitamin A in the body for a majority of people.
  7. Fact Vs Fiction, 7 pages: Selenium - Comparison of the safety and effectiveness of selenium as selenite, selenomethionine, and "whole-food-grown-type" selenium: Which one is best? Surprise answer.
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